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Our story

Kudos Group’s journey started in May 2010 with two employees under my direction and has grown significantly as an established and strong group of 350 happy employees.

My passion for the hospitality industry began at an early age. Prior to founding Kudos Group, I was a Commercial Sales Specialist at Remax and simultaneously functioned as a Builder & Property Manager where the prime focus was on customer relationship and building upon management strategies. I have key experience in managing large marketing-based organizations such as Best Buy formerly known as Future Shop Canada, where I strengthened my Marketing Talent. Marketing and operations proficiency, in turn, has dramatically influenced the family business to flourish swiftly.

I believe in creating a vision, strategy, and commitment that helps make the business bigger and successful. My other personal and business interests are educating and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

The dignity in being born human is higher than any that the world can confer upon us. An honest man’s greatest privilege is to serve his fellowmen. With this noble thought, we at Kudos are working upon giving it back to society. We have initiated a project in South Surrey where our primary focus is the well being of our community and to have the experience and feel the nature closely.